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Thank you for making the extraordinary possible in 2019!

Despite the challenges we faced here at CAP in 2019, there was so much to celebrate and be thankful for too – thanks to the support of people like you. Thousands across the UK found hope in the middle of the chaos of their circumstances. And we don’t mean just a positive, hopeful feeling that comes and goes. We’re talking about the hope that can only be found through Jesus – true, lifelong and expectant.

A year ago, life for Sharon, Bryan, Peter, Dawn, Christina and their families looked very different. It’s amazing how much can change in twelve months. Scroll down to read more about their incredible journeys and why your support is crucial in making stories like theirs possible.

| hope is restoration.

Having suffered years of domestic abuse, Sharon’s world had fallen apart.

But when she walked into church after being invited by her CAP Debt Coach, the pieces began to fit back together. Now walking with Jesus and finding the strength to let go of her past, your support has helped restore Sharon’s life. 

Hope is restoration.

| hope is action.

Addiction left Bryan shattered. With his marriage at breaking point, he felt so hopeless he thought the only way out was to do the ‘unthinkable’.

Your support meant there was a Fresh Start group in Bryan’s area, where he was empowered to take steps to tackle his addiction and restore his marriage. 

Hope is action.

| hope is belonging.

Facing money troubles, Peter and Dawn were drained of confidence and barely left their home.

Today, they’re regulars at their local CAP Life Skills group where they’ve found a whole new community of people to call family, all thanks to your support.

Hope is belonging.

| hope is opportunity.

Christina’s circumstances were stacking up against her. Society had written her off.

As she discovered freedom both financially and spiritually, opportunities began to open up. Today, through her work as a hairdresser, God has positioned Christina to share the good news and help others find hope. 

Hope is opportunity.

| hope is you.

Without people like you, none of this would be possible. You’re about to meet some phenomenal supporters who, like you, are passionate about CAP, passionate about the clients we serve, and determined to make a difference.

Hope is you.