Give an emergency support package this Christmas

Thomas, who was given a new start thanks to his local church. Now debt free and knowing God is always with him, he doesn't have to spend Christmas feeling alone anymore.
This Christmas will be harder than ever for people in debt and poverty. An emergency support package can be a lifeline for someone who feels desperate and hopeless. This year, will you give a gift that makes a real impact? 

An emergency support package meets the urgent, practical needs of a CAP client struggling with debt or poverty. This can include food, phone top-ups, gas and electricity money, school uniform, prescription payments… whatever the individual or family urgently needs right now.

of people are skipping meals because of the cost of living 
1 in 10 
people leave their gas or electricity off because the bills are too high 
of people suffer daily anxiety because of their finances 

Joanne [from CAP] brought me an emergency support package. You won’t believe what that gift meant to me. It was the difference between eating and going hungry – but also, I’d never known such love and generosity before. That was the day everything began to change. 

Thomas, pictured above, who found a fresh start through CAP and his local church and is now a CAP Debt Coach 

A gift of hope – through the local church

Emergency support packages are distributed through local churches in their own communities, just like all our face-to-face services. As well as offering practical care through these essentials, our partner churches also run CAP services to offer ongoing support getting free from poverty.

Our target for this appeal is £50,000. Any funds raised above this amount will go towards helping more families in need, wherever the need is greatest.