Church talk response

Older woman sat at right of screen smiling off towards the left.
Give the gift of a new start in life 

Edith was trying to get her finances under control when she took out a debt consolidation loan. Unfortunately this only made things worse and she couldn’t see a way out. In the video below, she describes how dark a place that was.

It was at her local church that she heard CAP recommended. Soon she was working with a CAP Debt Coach to find a way forward in paying off her debts, using a manageable payment plan drawn up by our expert Debt Advisors.

At CAP’s head office, we advocate for our clients, help them get back on top of their paperwork, negotiate with creditors on their behalf, and find sustainable routes out of debt even when things look hopeless.

With the support of CAP and her church, not only did Edith manage to become completely debt free, but she found a renewed faith in God too! The change in her life is amazing, and we want to say a huge well done to her!

It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Just to hear somebody say you are no longer in debt!” 

Over one year, just £12 a month can take someone like Edith from that first call to our helpline, all the way to having a debt solution in place. Not only that, they will experience what it means to be known and loved by a church community, given the opportunity to discover Jesus, and in time a fresh start in life, free from debt. Will you give someone that opportunity today?

I enjoy my life now. I make the most of my life!