Grace and the Grumblies

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Introducing Grace and the Grumblies

Grace and the Grumblies is a brand new children’s book from Christians Against Poverty, author Emily Shore and illustrator Katie Rewse. Gently exploring themes of UK poverty and disadvantage, it’s the perfect child-friendly conversation starter on the big issues your small people see around them.

Before she opens her eyes in the morning, Grace knows when it’s going to be a dragon fighting day… 

Journey with Grace and her superhero mum as they chase down escaping dragons, travel through dark caves and build their super-team to take on the dreaded Grumblies. Can they find a way to defeat them for good?

Explore UK poverty and disadvantage through a child’s eyes in this playful and powerful book, prompting great conversations along the way. Grace and the Grumblies is the story of how one family’s love for each other makes them brave enough to do anything.

Impactful and beautifully-told. 

Chine McDonald, writer, broadcaster and Director of Theos Think Tank 

Serious issues in a child appropriate explanation… This is a fabulous book that will really help me as a practitioner. 

Sarah (Childminder)

What a delightful and sensitive story about dignity, poverty and the support that’s available for those who need it! 


The storyline was excellent, with so many obvious opportunities for discussion at every point. 

Claire (Primary Schools Worker) 

A platform to discuss with my 5 year old nephew about the issues and challenges of poverty. 


Delve deeper with our family resources

When ordering the book, you’ll also receive our bonus email content – a starting point for great conversations with your little ones. As a family, delve deeper into the themes of poverty and social injustice with this selection of talking points, activities and top tips for getting involved in tackling these issues head on in your community.

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Christians Against Poverty is a UK-based charity that works with thousands of individuals and families every year, bringing hope, community and freedom from poverty. Partnering with hundreds of churches across all UK nations, CAP provides free debt counselling and community groups that support people in finding practical, long-term and sustainable solutions.

Frequently asked questions

The book and accompanying activities have been designed for families with children aged 4+.

We’re currently unable to send out multiple copies of the book. You can, however, order bundles of our Dear friend’ postcard which contains a bit of information about the book and a link for others to order the book online for themselves. These are available on request from [email protected].

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