Fight poverty. One family at a time.

A young boy, wearing a chequered cap and stripy T-shirt. He is smiling a big grin with his eyes shut and eating an ice cream.
Please donate to help lift a family out of poverty 

Freedom from debt is just months away for one family… if you choose to stand with them today.

I couldn’t feed us or keep us warm. I lived off toast for a week. That’s all I could afford… a 40p loaf. 

— Lydia, now debt free 

Lydia* had never been taught to budget. So when she and her young son Liam moved into their first home, Lydia had no idea she had to pay for things like water and Council Tax. As the debt racked up, the bailiffs came knocking. Lydia became too scared and anxious to leave the house.

But Lydia was only months away from being debt free.
She just needed help from someone.
Someone who cared. Someone like you.

Today, with support from CAP, Lydia is debt free. I feel like I’m flying!’ she said. Seeing my boy happy makes me happy.’

*names changed to protect privacy

Your monthly donation of £19 for 9 months could take a family from their first call to CAP to becoming debt free through a Debt Relief Order.

Every person’s best route out of debt looks different. CAP takes into account each person’s situation, and our professional Debt Advisors establish a bespoke, structured route out of debt that’s suitable for each and every person’s individual circumstances.

Throughout the whole process, our local church-based teams are there to offer prayer, practical help and emotional support. They make sure families and individuals are empowered to move forward with confidence and hope.

During the eighth month of your giving, our friendly in-house team will give you a courtesy call to confirm when your donation will stop, unless you decide you’d like to continue.