UK poverty is at a critical level. Will you help us scale up and meet demand for our services?

Ruth, co-Manager of her local CAP debt centre at Grace Church Brockley. She is standing on the street, wearing bold colours and holding a sign that reads 'There is so much need. I'm at my limit'

UK poverty is at a critical level. The number of people in need of help has surged.

We critically need to increase the capacity of CAP services like Ruth’s, equipping churches to meet the rapidly growing demand – and we need your help to do so.

At times like these, the Church is an absolute powerhouse. With so many other local services stretched to breaking point – councils, food banks, mental health support – we’re filling a critical gap.

But we need to scale up our services to meet the need of more and more people who are coming to CAP for help. To do this, we must more than double the number of churches delivering CAP’s services, and upgrade the tools our frontline teams have so we can help people more efficiently. We must increase appointments available through our centres by 150%, to make sure we can be there for everyone who needs our unique support.

We may not be able to change the injustices that people in poverty face overnight, but, through our local church-based debt centres, we can bring the hope of Jesus – a message that we know will outlast any practical challenges. 

Will you help us scale up to meet the demand for our services?

The problem

people across the UK could not access CAP’s help in 2023 due to capacity issues or having no centre nearby. 
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Over 1 million 
UK adults considered or attempted suicide as a way out of their situation.* 
Envelope with a pound sign and stamp on it
4.7 million 
UK adults are using credit to pay for essential monthly bills.* 
Ruth, Co-Debt Centre Manager, Lewisham, looking at the camera with a serious face

I can’t bear to turn anyone else away. With your support I won’t have to. 

– Ruth, Co-Debt Centre Manager, Lewisham 

Our plan of action

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We will:

  • Increase appointments available through our centres by 150%

  • More than double the number of churches delivering CAP’s services

  • Upgrade tools for our frontline teams, so we can help more people in less time

Your gift could:

  • Cover the cost of an additional appointment with a CAP Debt Centre, guaranteeing that one more person like Jim receives the support they vitally need.
  • Pay for a Debt Coach to be trained, giving a church like Grace Church Brockley a vital extra pair of hands at this challenging time.

The power of the local church: Jim’s story

Jim is an integral member of Grace Church Brockley. He’s even using his lived experience to run a social group for people who have been through debt, where they can talk, read the Bible and encourage one another.

But life looked very different for Jim, before Ruth and his local CAP service got involved.

When Ruth first met Jim, he’d fallen into debt after having to give up work due to ill-health. His family home had been repossessed and his marriage had broken down due to the strain of financial worries. He was tens of thousands of pounds in debt, and totally isolated, living alone in a tiny flat, relying on Universal Credit to survive.

Ruth visited Jim in his home, and said to him, From this day forward, you’re not alone’. Immediately she saw the weight begin to lift.

With the support of Grace Church Brockley, where his local CAP centre was based, Jim sorted out his debt, took part in their financial education course, and began a journey of faith – a unique and life-transforming opportunity that our clients are given to explore while working with CAP.

This local church is bringing hope and freedom from debt to thousands across the UK every year. But they’re also bringing the life-transforming good news of the gospel and the love and care of a supportive church family.

But the truth is, it’s getting harder and harder. The surge in demand and more complex cases is pushing churches around the UK like Grace Church Brockley to their limits. This means that we’re having to turn away people who need our support at a crucial time.

We need your help to increase the number of people our church-based staff and volunteers are able to see. With a gift to CAP today, you can help double the number of appointments available and bring in new church partners, ultimately meaning we’ll be able to help more people like Jim.

*via YouGov polling conducted by CAP in January 2024.