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Stories in numbers

of CAP clients last year pursued insolvency, with 65% going through a Debt Relief Order (DRO).
7 million 
low income households have gone without food or the essentials in the last 30 days*. 
1 in 6 
UK households are now in serious financial difficulties’. 

*Joseph Rowntree Foundation, May/​June 2022.

Will you give someone a new start?

Debt destroys everything – your relationships, your mental health, your confidence. This autumn, millions of people will be pushed into debt as the cost of living crisis worsens.

Will you give someone like Amanda a new start by helping to free them from debt today?

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  • £47 could give one person a fresh start, free from debt, by helping fund a Debt Relief Order
  • £94 could help wipe the slate clean for two people so they can start again, free from debt
  • £141 could help three people see their debts completely written off and hope restored

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Living shouldn’t cost everything. But for million right now, it does. Your gift could give someone like Amanda a new start by helping to free them from debt today.

I’ve gone from wanting to die to really wanting to live. This autumn, my bills will go up, but I’ll cope because I’m on top of my finances now and Jane is by my side.’ 

– Amanda, now debt free through CAP 

Amanda’s story

When Amanda’s mum was diagnosed with cancer, she stopped work to care for her – and the bills started to mount up. The cost of living meant her gas and electricity bills doubled, and she could no longer afford Council Tax or rent.

It became too much for Amanda. She was overwhelmed and sinking into depression. One day an enforcement agent knocked on the door demanding money. I took an overdose that night. I just couldn’t see a way out.

Thankfully, Amanda reached out for help, and Jane [her local CAP Debt Coach] came to visit. She told Amanda not to worry about the dozens of unopened bills stuffed into the drawer, and to just hand them all over to her.

Jane explained the only real option for Amanda was to become insolvent, which meant her debt would be written off completely. She recommended Amanda apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO). But when she said how much it would cost, her heart sank. She simply didn’t have the money.

Then Jane mentioned the Insolvency Bursary – a pot of money donated by amazing supporters like you to help people like Amanda. When a CAP Debt Advisor phoned to tell Amanda she was debt free she even danced around her living room.

During Amanda’s darkest time, hope arrived. She’s gone from wanting to die to really wanting to live, thanks to people like you supporting the work of CAP.

Will you give someone like Amanda a new start by helping to free them from debt? Your gift will support the Insolvency Bursary Fund to help people hit hard by the cost of living crisis.