Will you walk with someone on their journey out of debt?

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Our impact in the cost of living crisis

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Your help is urgently needed to empower people like Nicole

When you walk with someone on their journey to becoming debt free, you are the hands and feet of Jesus. You show God’s love, practically. 

— Tim, CAP Debt Centre Manager 

Nicole’s story

It took four years to walk with Nicole out of a dark place of overwhelming debt, panic attacks and a toxic relationship, but her CAP Debt Centre Manager, Tim, was with her every step of the way.

Through the ups and downs of life, from the birth of Nicole’s son to her mum’s cancer diagnosis, Tim made sure the local church was there to support Nicole. Imagine the tears of joy and relief when she got the phone call to say she was officially debt free!

You can walk with someone on their journey out of debt by donating today. Your kindness and support will mean everything, especially for those pushed into poverty by the cost of living crisis.

Your gift of:

  • £26 could help one family find a route out of debt
  • £78 could provide three families with the ongoing support they need to become debt free
  • £130 could walk with five families out of debt crisis and towards hope

Right now, so many people need help from CAP. The cost of living crisis is devastating for families already on the breadline. Your support has never been more vital.