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calendar04 August 2016

Author: Paul Archer

1,000 have said goodbye to joblessness in just three years

1,000 have said goodbye to joblessness in just three years

We’ve got a lot to celebrate in the CAP Job Clubs team – we’ve just seen our 1,000th person find work.

When we set out with this project in 2013, we had no idea how the church would take this project and run with it.

Now there are people finding confidence, skills, work and a new group of friends through 163 CAP Job Clubs all across the UK – and it is just amazing.

We knew from our experience with debt counselling that when someone in the household is working, escaping the worst of poverty is generally easier.

We sensed too among the people we helped that there was the need to feel useful and play a part, something that is in everyone’s DNA as we all seek to make the most of what God has given us in talents and personality.

Before we officially launched down in Westminster, we had done our homework; took advice; worked through trial sessions and we hoped the Church would back us.  Now, as we reach this milestone, we can see the repercussions are astounding.

Not only have we seen 1,000 people find work, more than half of those have been freed from stress; half of those no longer are depressed and nearly half no long suffer from anxiety.

While four in ten of the people on a CAP Job Club had said they sacrificed regular meals, statistics show the money earned by the work of a thousand people will have purchased 1.5m meals.

Their families too will see the difference. We estimate 617 children and now living in a working household, breaking the generational cycle of unemployment and paving the way for a more fulfilled future.

In the survey that Job Club members take, 99 per cent of them say they would recommend a CAP Job Club to other jobseekers. Then there is an “other comments” section.

By this point, they’ve already answered lots of questions and don’t need to fill in this bit but the majority take the time to express their thanks.

I’ll sign off by letting them say it best, as they generally do.

“Thank you for turning my life round and giving me the confidence, motivation and ability to find employment. Thank you for listening to me and praying for me.”

“It’s not only the course I have benefited from here, I have also made friends!”

“Just a big thank you for helping me find employment and helping me gain the confidence I needed.”

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