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calendar10 February 2014

Author: Kathy Freeman


The phone has been ringing off the hook today as CAP’s busiest day gets underway. New Client Enquiries had already had over 70 calls by midday – double the amount of a normal day!

One of those calls was from a young mum who’d fallen into debt after paying travel costs to visit her sick baby in hospital. Not only was she dealing with the pain of her child suffering, but she also knew that every visit she made pushed her further into debt. Fortunately, after speaking to one of our friendly advisers, she is now booked in to been seen by a local debt coach to get some free help.

On top of new client calls, existing clients have been calling their caseworkers requesting to withdraw money from their savings account. Today a client was relieved to hear that they had money saved up to be able to pay an unexpected bill. Lots of clients are amazed that we not only offer a solution to their debts, but make sure savings are part of the budget so that any emergencies don’t cause further stress.

But it’s not just the phones that are busy; the first lot of post arrived and amongst the hundreds of creditor letters are around 100 case files from local centre managers around the UK. Each file represents a new client and needs to be recorded onto the system in order for budgets to be prepared. One budget being created today is for a lady who has fallen into rent arrears because her income is significantly lower than her rent. Not unlike a lot of the cases we see here, this lady has had to deal with bailiffs and repossession orders. CAP has already begun the process of helping her apply for the necessary housing benefits and will work with her to get her arrears cleared. Now that the financial information for each of these 100 new clients has arrived at head office, our team are able to begin the process of moving them forward on their journey out of debt.

Sometimes the route out of debt isn’t so straightforward, but our Short Term Support team is on hand to help. This team is dedicated to helping clients find solutions to complex cases, and today, adviser Steve received a call from a client who’d made the tough decision to sell his house. Although it was a difficult choice, Steve was able to reassure the client that it would mean he would clear his debts and CAP would walk with him through every step of the process.

And that’s just a snippet of things happening at Head Office, there’s so much more going on across the UK through our CAP Debt Centres, CAP Job Clubs and CAP Money Courses. Check out #1dayatCAP over on Twitter.

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