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A 60 second guide to Universal Credit

calendar06 June 2016

Marianne Clough's avatar Marianne Clough

A 60 second guide to Universal Credit

What is it?

A re-organisation of the benefits system, rolling six benefits into one monthly payment.

What’s the point?

It aims to encourage people back to work by gradually reducing the payment when someone finds a job. It also gets people used to a monthly payday.

When’s it happening?

That depends on where you live -  it’s being rolled out across the UK one Jobcentre Plus at a time. However, if you’re not making a new claim, it won’t come along until June 2018. Live in Northern Ireland? You can expect to see Universal Credit introduced in 2017.

What are the issues?

Couples will get one joint payment
It will be all online
There will be delays and
Landlords will not be paid rent directly in the majority of cases.

Read more about the issues here

How can I prepare?

See seven things you can do to get ready for Universal Credit

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