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A New Year and a fresh start

calendar28 January 2015

Kathy Freeman's avatar Kathy Freeman

A New Year and a fresh start

Last year, a record breaking 2,500 people went debt free, and Neil was one of those to start the year with a clean financial slate. He said:

‘I came to CAP because of serious debt problems. I was very depressed and lost my job. It got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house and would lock myself in my bedroom. I couldn’t sleep; I would just toss and turn with all the worry on my mind. The worry really affected me. I would be really nasty and shout a lot, and I didn’t have time for my son – it was really bad. We skipped meals all the time as we were just trying to feed our little boy Charlie. This went on for three years until I heard about CAP. 

CAP have worked wonders for me. Once we got our heads around the budget and the system, everything fell into place. I suddenly realised we have enough money to feed ourselves. When creditors rang I just said, "I’m with CAP, deal with them". It took a big weight off and I could sleep again.

Our baby daughter was very poorly and I have to say that we did lose her, but all the way through this CAP were there to help us; they did everything to keep us on track and support us and I have now been debt free for a year.

Then a week before I went debt free, I became a Christian. A few months previously, I had been stood by the sink when I felt a strong urge to go to church. I contacted the pastor who took our daughter's funeral and he invited me to Alpha. I was the one who asked all the questions and then at the end of the course we had a prayer time. That was the day I became a Christian!

Thank you for all the support you have given to CAP, it’s much appreciated in a very, very big way – thank you.’

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