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calendar06 April 2016

Author: Joseph Allison

A record breaking March

A record breaking March

This March has been our busiest ever for people calling in for debt help, breaking every record we’ve ever had in 20 years.

On March 21, our New Enquiries Team at CAP received 252 calls - the most calls we’ve had in a single day, since CAP started. 2016 looks to be busy. In fact, we’ve already had six record-breaking days so far this year!

This is both sad and encouraging news to hear because the more people who call us, the more we can help. We know that ringing for debt help isn’t easy and takes a lot of courage. Many people wait because they feel embarrassed or simply don’t know about us. Some waited up to three years before calling, thinking they could sort their finances out themselves.  However, so much need is a worrying sign.

We know debt isn’t a small problem in the UK. One in six adults in the UK are living with problem debt. Living with constant demands from creditors and bailiffs can be horrendous so, as we’re finding more and more people need our help, CAP is going to have to grow fast to meet this need.

Please do what you can to help us – and all those people calling for help.

You could try fundraising or donating and help out that way. You could come and volunteer with us at CAP Head Office (like I do myself and many others). You could help simply by spreading the word and telling people about the life-changing work CAP does across the UK. Maybe it’s time to talk to your church leader again about all our new services and how your congregation could get involved?

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