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calendar02 May 2013

Author: Tim Jupp

CAP and BigChurchDayOut

CAP and BigChurchDayOut

I spent many years travelling the world with Delirious and during that time, I got to see that the Church has all kinds of expressions, shades and colours. As I developed the idea of BigChurchDayOut, I was passionate about reflecting this diversity and so one of the key values of our vision is inclusion.

I wholeheartedly believe in the statement ‘together we are better’. Large events such as BigChurchDayOut can hugely impact small churches, giving them a real sense of belonging to the huge movement of people that make up the Church and encouraging them that they have a significant part to play in seeing the transformation in our nation that we all pray for.

BigChurchDayOut has partnered with CAP because we love what they do, what they stand for and the difference their work is making to so many people in poverty. We have a responsibility to use the platform of BigChurchDayOut to celebrate and cheer on the amazing things that God is doing in this nation right now and there couldn't be anyone better to do that for than CAP. 

To see transformation in individuals, in our churches and in our nation, we need to work together. That’s why it is important that both individuals and churches make it a priority to partner with CAP, because together we are better!

Tim Jupp currently heads up the team that runs the UK's fastest growing Christian festival, the Big Church Day Out. Before this, Tim spent 17 years as the keyboard player with the band Delirious?, managing the band for its last four years, and established and became Managing Director of Furious Records.

Tim is married and lives in Sussex with his wife Becca, who is the senior leader of their local Church. Arun Community Church, They have four teenage children.

CAP is partnering with BigChurchDayOut in 2013 - you can find our more here

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