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calendar22 January 2015

Author: John Kirkby

CAP is helping change the law to help the poor!

I’m a dreamer. I know that can sound clichéd, but what I mean is I often find myself thinking of what might happen in the future. One of these dreams was 19 years ago when I first started CAP. I wondered if the work I was doing would ever grow from just me in my home office. I imagined the day when CAP would become large enough to have a significant reputation, and be strong enough and loud enough for Government to listen to us. I dreamed of the day our work would be able to change laws to benefit the poorest in our society.

Well, that dream has started to become a reality. Some of the poorest families we work with are actually ‘too poor to go bankrupt’. They need to go through bankruptcy as the only way out of a life sentence of debt, but they can’t afford the £705 fee. They also couldn’t access a Debt Relief Order (DRO) – which is essentially a cheaper bankruptcy for people with no assets – because they had debts of over £15,000.

We felt this was an injustice worth challenging, so we campaigned alongside other charities to raise the DRO upper limit.

You may have seen on the BBC or in the Independent, where CAP was quoted, that the Insolvency Service has agreed that those with up to £20,000 of debt will be allowed to access the cheaper DRO from October this year. This is massive news that will bring freedom to some of the very poorest people in our society over the coming years. These fairer laws will enable them to access justice. We have spoken 'up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.' (Proverbs 31:8-9)

Your financial support, your prayer, your volunteering – all of these mean that you have stood with us to make this possible. Let’s praise God for the increased influence he is giving us to use on behalf of the poor in our society.

I look forward to letting you know when some more of my dreams come true.

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