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calendar14 June 2016

Author: Hannah Wright

My year as a CAP Lead intern

My year as a CAP Lead intern

Looking back over the last several months, it all seems fairly romantic now. I can so clearly see how God guided me towards the CAP internship programme, Lead. A year and a half ago, my student years were rapidly coming to an end. What’s next? I wondered. Where does God want me?

With graduate schemes, career seminars and situational judgment tests exhausted, I had no idea why I wasn’t getting anywhere. And one day, a friend on Facebook posted about a vacancy at CAP.

A Christian charity. A paid internship. Four days in a department suited to me, learning amazing skills. Personal development. A year of journeying! The benefits seemed to be all mine. And that is how it has continued to feel. I know CAP gains a lot from the programme, however I truly really feel that the privilege is the interns’.

So without further ado, these are my top ten reasons why joining Lead was one of the best decisions I ever made.

We all have talents. We just don’t know what they are. The module ‘Who am I?’ involves strengths tests, personality exploring and self analysis to present a framework from which to understand how God has made you and who you are.

CAP really brings the best to the table. CAP sees the internship as kingdom work and investing in the next generation of leaders, employing interns with leadership potential and managers who are selfless, Christ-centred and others-focused. If you are successful in interview, it’s because you are meant to be here.

People care about you. I don’t think I have ever been in such an encouraging, positive environment. I am a key member of the team, not simply the person who boils the kettle. My input and ideas are as valued and considered as a long-serving team member.

You are given opportunities to bring change. Initiative is welcomed. Opportunities I have been given to lead range from managing the kitchen for a two-course formal meal for 50, to hosting a fundraising dinner table, to researching on key areas with a view to presenting a project to the Core Team.

People want you to be all you can be. Ellie, my mentor, is dedicated to seeing me grow. Jaz, who manages the Internship, always has an open door. Crispin, my manager, is open and transparent. Each person I’ve come across at CAP has been keen to challenge and bring insight into what they see in you.

The internship group is an integral part to the year. When else in your life will you be living, learning and working with like-minded people? Our group is intent on caring, loving, upholding and supporting one another. The culture of openness allows vulnerability which transforms and leads to self discovery.

I understand the way of work. I wanted to gain a good working ethic and learn about formal working practices. We have had sessions about managing people, time management and 360 leadership (receiving feedback from those in your team, below you and above you), to name a few.

Your skills are matched to put you in a department that is the right for you where you will thrive and be motivated. Amongst other roles, some speak to clients on the phone; some build budgets and support clients in repaying; some plan events; some support our network of centres and some build and nurture our supporter database.

I am a better me. I have grown so much over the last year. I have a greater understanding of who I am and who God has made me to be. God has truly enabled me to distinguish and understand my character – and I thought I had a pretty good idea of this before I arrived!

My goal is set. Being at CAP has helped me to trace my desires for the future. We all have different paths ahead of us, but for most of us, we know that whatever shape it takes, contact with CAP won’t end mid-August. I know I want to be doing what God is doing for the rest of my life: serving the poor, saving the lost, through the church, across the nation.

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