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calendar10 April 2014

Author: John Kirkby

Christians Against Poverty on Songs of Praise

From time to time I have a ‘Johnny Boy Moment’ – one of those times where I have to stand back and say to myself in awe and amazement 'Johnny Boy, how did this happen? Only God!'

I had one of these sitting with TV presenter Pam Rhodes as I was being interviewed for the up-and-coming Palm Sunday BBC Songs of Praise.

Pam was so encouraging and as they were looking at my old life and the journey of CAP, I felt privileged again to be able to say I was there at the start - and I’m still doing all I can some 18 years later.

When you see people being genuinely (off camera) overwhelmed by what God’s done in you, and through you, it is humbling.

In my office, I have a prophesy given to me in 1997, when CAP was literally just a couple of us working from my bedroom office helping, maybe, 30 clients a year.

This is what part of it said:

‘Christians Against Poverty will be written about in every newspaper in the land and will come before kings and rulers. Enlarge your tent, there are greater things to come than you imagine.’

How true, and that continues to be the case! Next weekend, I’m on the BBC speaking of what God, his Church and his people have done - CAP: a national ministry reaching tens of thousands every year.

To top it all, yesterday I attended David Cameron's Easter address. Prince Charles also spoke very warmly of all we are doing when we met a couple of years ago.

I remember when I was that broken bloke 22 years ago with two small daughters sleeping next to me on camp beds. I was lonely, afraid, in debt and had absolutely no hope.

I simply can’t believe what God’s done.

With 252 CAP Debt Centres; more than 800 churches running the CAP Money Course; 80 CAP Job Clubs and now our new pilot ministry for people with addictions: CAP Release Clubs. What are my Johnny Boy Moments going to be like in the future?!

Thank you God for your faithfulness and every single person who has played any part in this movement. God is changing the face of our society with his love, using ordinary people just like you and me. Please continue to do what you can do. Give, pray, serve, help!

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