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calendar08 May 2014

Author: John Kirkby

David has found work for the first time ever!

I hear good things every day, but this week, I heard that two people who have been unemployed for 14 years have landed paid jobs through CAP Job Clubs! Can you imagine how excited they will feel?

One of these was David, a 30 year-old from Belfast who has never had paid work since leaving school at 16. He has now found permanent work in a book and toy store. That’s fourteen years of unemployment now behind him, and a hopeful future ahead. 

Hearing about David has come at a time when the Government is launching their Help to Work scheme. We agree that people who are long-term unemployed need more support to get back into work and believe that the most important support for them is relational. This is something that the Church does best, offering help from people who believe in them and who can give them the self-confidence they need.This is why our job clubs are proving so successful, with over 100 people already finding work since our first club opened its doors last year.

David joined his local CAP Job Club in September 2013 and we have been supporting him since then. As well as completing the job club course, we put him onto an Essential Skills ICT course that was held specially for CAP Job Club members. David's CAP Job Coach then arranged a four-week work placement for him that proved to be his breakthrough event, giving him experience to put on his job applications. David also really benefitted from the ICT course, as it gave him a great qualification for his CV.

Because we aim to look at each person as an individual to see what might be holding them back, David has been supported in the best possible way. The best thing is that he has experienced the genuine love and care of the local church in a relevant and life transforming way. I can’t help but get excited about that, and I’m sure you feel the same! Could your church get involved and offer hope to the unemployed in your community?

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