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calendar14 January 2021

Author: Hannah Sanford

Debt: 7 reasons people don’t ask for debt help

Debt: 7 reasons people don’t ask for debt help

In 2020, we saw over 2,200 people become debt free. We know that our debt help service works, as we’ve seen it in action for 25 years. Yet so many people put off asking for debt help. In fact, 30% of our clients waited 3 years and longer before seeking help!* 

Why do so many people put off seeking debt help? 

Shame, embarrassment or guilt

Shame at getting into debt, embarrassment at what people will think, guilt at past decisions that may have led to debt. Shame, embarrassment and guilt can keep people trapped in silence and isolation, believing they can solve their issues by themselves, when actually it's better to access debt help before things start to spiral out of control. There is no shame in asking for help.  


Believing that with more time and hard work, it is possible to get out of debt without any help. Believing it is their issue, and they should deal with it alone. No one should deal with the weight of debt alone. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. 


So many people in debt are fearful of opening their post, answering the phone and opening the door because of enforcement agents wanting to collect money. The thought of more demanding letters and bills can be overwhelming. If this is the case for you please don’t hesitate to call; our friendly team will offer you a listening ear and a solution, not judgement or criticism.

Feeling overwhelmed

The stress and worry of debt can be overwhelming. At times it might feel easier to ignore it rather than confront it. However, asking for debt help could ease the stress and the burden. Even just having someone else who knows about your situation, ready to listen and help you find a solution can help lift the weight of debt from your shoulders.

Too many other things going on

Often debt isn’t the only pressure people are grappling with. Debt is often paired with: unemployment, a relationship breakdown, lone parenting, mental ill-health, a physical disability, a learning disability, being a victim to fraud or financial abuse, a childhood trauma, grief, a struggle with an addiction; and sometimes a combination of several of these**. A culmination of these difficulties can lead to putting off asking for debt help. 

Thinking no one can help

Debt can lead to hopelessness, believing there is no way out of the constraints of debt. There is a reason our strapline is ‘always hope’. We’ve helped thousands of people who have found themselves in all sorts of difficult and complicated situations, and can testify that no situation is beyond hope. 

Not knowing where to get help

Sometimes the problem isn’t a reluctance to ask for debt help, but not knowing where to get debt help. Most CAP clients are referred to CAP by word of mouth, through friends and family, which is why it is so important to spread the word about what we do to those who may need our help.

The first step is often the hardest. To ask for debt help is intimidating. But our friendly team will give you a listening ear and provide a solution. If you’re struggling with debt today, don’t wait any longer, call free on 0800 328 0006. We’d love to help you.


*According to our 2018 Debt Help client survey. 

** Information from Stacked Against Report 2019.

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