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calendar01 November 2016

Author: Marianne Clough

Eight ways to save energy

Eight ways to save energy

If you’ve been trying to cut down your energy costs, you may feel like you’ve tried everything. You’ve switched (if you are able); you’ve popped another jumper on; you’ve turned down your thermostat. Now what? But don’t despair – here are eight more easy tips to try.

1. Move furniture away from radiators and clothes. They absorb so much heat which needs to circulate in your home.

2. Cut the time your tumble drier is draining energy by putting a dry towel in with the load to absorb moisture faster.

3. Draught-proof your doors and windows. There are some nifty tips on how to do this here.

3. Cook ahead using the gas or electric for several meals, which you can then zap in the microwave in the days to come. Better still, use a slow cooker, which uses a third of the cost of a cooker according to a report by The Telegraph.

4. After the kettle has boiled and you’ve made a cuppa, put more water in it while it’s still hot so it boils faster next time. Don’t overfill it – just boil what you need.

5. Stop charging phones overnight. Energy saving timer plugs are brilliant or charge the phone in your car or even just plug it in at work. Also be sure to switch off or unplug the charger once you’re finished – it’s easy to grab your phone and walk away, but remember the longer it’s left on, the more energy is being guzzled.

6. The previous point applies to other appliances too. Always turn them completely off, not just on standby – you’ll save around £30 a year!

7. Swapping to LED lightbulbs might not be as expensive as you think. Did you know just £7.99 will buy you a five pack?

8. Finally, you could be eligible for an energy grant to improve your efficiency. Click here to find out more.

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