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calendar08 June 2016

Author: Marianne Clough

Every Second Counts: Kevan’s Story

Every Second Counts: Kevan’s Story

Kevan has been working for more than ten years as a paramedic in London and it’s one of those jobs where you see people at crises point all the time.

One night in 2014, he was called out, as a first response to a woman who had overdosed on both alcohol and medication.

As he worked to keep her alive, he silently gave the situation to God acknowledging that there was only so much he could do.

“I’m in the fortunate position of being a Christian and I can pray for her while I’m doing it so I sat there and said OK God, I can do this medical stuff, you do the healing, you can do the real work.”

He wondered what had led to this point in her life, a woman with so much lif to live and four children relying on her.

Kev thought: “She’s so, so desperate she thinks they would be better off without her. This would almost certainly have been fatal and even worse, one of the four children would have found her and had to deal with that.”

The last time he saw her, she was being violently sick as she was wheeled into the back of an ambulance by Kevan’s colleagues.

What he didn’t know was God was going to let him see the end of the story as well.

18 months later, he was off duty and relaxing round the table of a CAP event.

A lady called Paula was introduced as a client who had been helped with her debt problems and her face appeared on the screen at the front.

Her hair was carefully done, she was wearing smart clothes and had a bright smile but he immediately recognised her.

This was the lady who had overdosed and nearly died.

“She was happy, smiling, bright, bubbly, no longer alcohol, had given her life to God, had overcome so much, sorted out her debt – and all in just 18 months!”

“I thought, you are a completely different person! I recognise the face but I don’t recognise the person.

“This is such a project, such a charity that it needs to be out there, it needs to be given to people. It’s not just making a difference to people’s finances. This is saving people’s lives.”

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