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calendar30 June 2015

Author: Kate Martin

Festival Frugality

Festival Frugality

Festivals are great value for money, often with hundreds of acts that most of us could never afford to see otherwise. There’s something out there for every music taste, and it’s not just about the music; many festivals offer an array of activities, and lots of them are completely family friendly. Yet despite it seeming like a cheap weekend away, the costs can soon add up. But don’t let this put you off enjoying the best of British culture; CAP has come up with some top tips for doing festivals on a budget.

BYOF: As much as festival food can be really interesting and pretty tasty, it will save you so much money if you take your own. Invest in a small stove so that you can have hot meals. Take simple food like pasta, soup, baked beans and sausages, as well as salad and general snacks.

Steward the area: If you just love the festival vibe but you’re really strapped for cash, why not sign up to be a steward? You’ll get a free ticket for the weekend, and generally you’ll only be required to work for a few hours a day, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the acts.

Kit yourself out: If you don’t yet have a tent or any camping gear, have a good look around to see who is offering the best deals. You could even check out to see if anyone near you is giving anything away!

Pick it clean: Thinking ahead, you won’t need to buy a tent or any equipment after this year. Plenty of people leave their stuff behind after the festival, so just stick around an extra few hours and grab a load of chairs, tents and sleeping bags. You can sell anything you don’t need and even make a tidy profit!

Getting there: If you have a car, share the cost of petrol and parking between a few of you. Lots of festivals have a car pooling section on their website where you can advertise the car and people who want a lift can search for a driver; helping the environment and your wallet!  If you don’t have a car, look into public transport options; bigger festivals usually provide a designated bus right to the festival gate from major cities across the country.

Sharing is caring: if you’re going as a group and you’ve got a full car already, have a look into what else you can share. Make a list of everything you’ll need as a group and divide it up between you.

One day like this: If you’re not a fan of camping but you love live music, why not just get a day ticket? They’re usually around a third of the price of the full weekend ticket, and you can just take a packed lunch to save extra on the day.

Stay with friends: If you know anyone who lives near the festival, you could save money on your ticket by choosing the daytime-only option. You’ll probably sleep better as well!

For next year: If you loved your festival so much that you know you’ll go back next year, sign up to their mailing list to know when the first tickets go on sale. Super early bird tickets can be as much as half the full price!

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