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calendar03 July 2020

Author: Hannah Sanford

Five minutes with… a Life Changer

Five minutes with… a Life Changer

Did you know that we have an amazing group of over 30,000 people who give to CAP every single month? We call them Life Changers because without their generosity we wouldn't see our clients go debt-free and their lives restored.

What's it like to be a Life Changer, I hear you ask? Look no further. We spoke to Hannah Kunar to find out why and how she has chosen to support CAP.


Hi Hannah! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm married with two kids, work from home as a Freelance Graphic Designer and I love chocolate and a cup of Yorkshire Tea.

How did you hear about CAP?

I first heard about CAP when my brother-in-law started working for them. He gave me John Kirkby's book, Nevertheless, and I honestly couldn't put it down! I was captivated by his journey that led him to start Christians Against Poverty to help others out of debt.

How long have you been a Life Changer?

I've supported CAP now for over 8 years.

Why did you choose to support CAP?

A few years ago, I had the incredible privilege to work for CAP as a Graphic Designer in their creative media department. During my time at head office, I was given the amazing opportunity to go on a client visit. It opened my eyes to see the devastating effect debt has on a person, and in some cases, their families. To see how CAP's front-line operated was nothing but pure compassion, genuine love and professionalism. I was never the same after that. Over my four years at CAP, I heard countless stories week after week of people whose lives had been forever changed, not just through becoming debt free but also in finding Jesus.. how amazing is that?!

What has your experience of being a Life Changer been like?

I love receiving anything from CAP! I always feel thanked and appreciated for what I give on a monthly basis and the best part is knowing that it's making a real difference through reading stories of lives that have been changed, which is my favourite part of all! It's great to be updated on how many people have become debt free each month and to know where the money goes is really helpful seeing how CAP operates. I also need to say how much I love the design and content of all CAP's communication. It's always so friendly, informative and approachable. Keep up the great work!


Like the sound of helping see lives transformed and getting to hear the difference your support is making in people's lives? Why not join our 30,000 other regular givers by becoming a Life Changer today?

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