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calendar02 October 2019

Author: Hayley Tearall

Five minutes with… Bronwyn, a CAP Debt Advisor

Five minutes with… Bronwyn, a CAP Debt Advisor

Our Debt Operations teams are key in supporting clients towards becoming debt free. Bronwyn has been part of the Debt Management Plan Contact team for two years, working with clients who have chosen a repayment route out of debt.

Hi Bronwyn! Can you tell us about a typical day in the DMP Contact team?

We respond to communication from clients and negotiate with their creditors – it’s all about standing in the gap for them. And I have good banter with the clients, we have a laugh when they call. They’re with us for maybe three, four, five years, so we really do see them through the highs and lows. It’s definitely a marathon not a sprint.

What do you love about being a Debt Advisor?

I get to speak to people who are worried and put their minds at ease. You can hear people’s voices change over the course of the call. There’s a lot of shame attached to debt, so being able to help clients break through that is a privilege. Working with the Church is amazing too, it’s like a big family. We say constantly how amazing it is to be so close to God’s heart in what we’re doing.

What’s your biggest challenge?

We are seeing more clients with disabilities, mental health issues and other challenges on top of their debt who need extra support and time with us. Thankfully, because we partner with the Church, our clients have local support to call on.

How do you see God at work in your role?

One example is when a client called who was struggling with depression, relationship breakdown and severe anxiety. He called expressing suicidal ideation and was unable to take the action we encouraged. We prayed as a team as we knew God needed to intervene. He called later that week and we were able to help him see a way forward. God is always stepping in to lift our clients’ heads, reminding them there’s a future brighter than their present circumstances.

How do you go the extra mile to support clients?

Last week I had a call from a lady telling me about her finances, but that wasn’t why she was phoning. She was upset because her son was in hospital. I prayed with her, and wrote her a card to say, ‘We’re thinking about you, we care about you, we hope that he gets better’ and popped it in the post with a box of chocolates. If a client is really struggling, we might say, ‘Do you want us to ask your Debt Coach to come?’ or put them in touch with a befriender in the area, and so we’ll get someone to go round. We’re limited by distance, but that’s why we work through local churches.

How does it feel to call a client and tell them they’re debt free?

It’s the best feeling. Hearing what they want to do next, like saving up for a present for a family member or going on holiday, is amazing. But the only reason we get to make these calls is because our supporters are giving, are praying, are completely involved in the journey. I don’t think we can ever say ‘thank you’ enough.

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