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calendar05 November 2018

Author: Justine Barnes

Five reasons why you should apply for a job at CAP

Five reasons why you should apply for a job at CAP

There are so many reasons to love working at CAP. I arrived nearly seven years ago as a caseworker. My decision to apply came after my own struggle with severe debt, one that lead to bankruptcy and saw my home repossessed. I wanted to help others in the same position and loved doing that for a long time. Now I manage our HR team and I’m passionate about looking after our staff well.

One of the most popular questions we get asked by candidates as interviews draw to a close is, ‘What do you love most about working at CAP?’ As we are in an exciting season of being able to recruit a number of people into CAP, I thought it would be fun to share our top five answers with you…

1. We get to share Jesus at work

Many people find this both remarkable and exciting – a workplace where we can pray together, share our faith with clients and supporters, and openly put Jesus first. In fact, being Christ-centred is one of our core values and this will never change. If you want to come into work and celebrate all that God is doing in your life, we will celebrate with you. If you’re having a hard day, we will pray for you. The recent BBC documentary was certainly proof that we don’t hide our faith!

2. We are a family

Our culture is one where we support each other, enjoy working together and have lots of fun in the process. At CAP HQ we have a social space, which was recently refurbished, where we can build friendships and get to know new people every single day. We also have team days out, department lunches and staff conferences – all great opportunities to strengthen our friendships and be inspired during our working day.

3. We get to see lives transformed on a daily basis

What a privilege! Our client stories are truly inspiring. Every week we take time out to hear how they became debt free, met goals through our group services and even how some have started their walk with Jesus. We are well known for the bell we ring when someone makes a commitment to Jesus and our debt free harmonica celebrations – reminders of lives transformed through everything we do each day.

4. We are professional

I have lost count of the amount of people who tour our Bradford offices and express surprise at how big we are. Some expect just a couple of offices and a photocopier! We employ over 300 people and our facilities are excellent, including an extensive IT team, over 60 well trained managers, a staff team that are fully committed to their roles and a very comfortable working environment. To stay professional, providing the best for our clients whilst stewarding our income well, we provide excellent training to help all staff thrive in their roles. Those who may struggle to meet performance standards are treated with fairness and compassion.

5. We are committed to looking after our employees well

In fact, we’ve won awards for it! We have a great rewards and benefits programme including a competitive pay structure, an Employee Assistance Programme with Health Assured, generous pension contributions, long service awards, a season ticket loan scheme, an extensive Learning and Development programme and many other benefits.

Are we perfect? No. But every day we do our best to recruit amazing people and look after them well. Many of our applicants want to make a difference, and that is probably what I love most about working at CAP.

Now that you know a little bit more about CAP as an employer, head over to our jobs page and have a look at all the roles we have available at the moment – you may just find something that’s perfect for you.

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