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calendar25 March 2014

Author: Brian McCarthy

Former CAP client writes cookbook

Hi, I’m Brian McCarthy and I think Christians Against Poverty is brilliant! I love that CAP are helping people to break free from debt and provide support until people are in control of their finances.

I heard a presentation by John Kirkby, the founder of CAP, a number of years ago and I was struck by his passion and drive to reach people tied down by their finances.  At the time finances were very tight in my household. Even though I had a well-paid job, decisions we had taken as a family had put us in quite a tight spot. To be honest I was feeling quite foolish and vulnerable because I had brought my family to this place.  

After the presentation, John offered me a copy of his book ‘Nevertheless’ for free! He said if I couldn’t afford to buy it to just take one. I was moved to tears by the gentleness and generosity of this man. I’m still moved to tears as I write this now remembering where I was emotionally and financially.  

I have walked with CAP for a number of years now, using cash to pay for weekly shopping and saving to pay for Christmas and holidays without running up debt. Since then my family and I are in a much better place.

I have thought many times that CAP could do with a cookbook to help give ideas to people who may not be used to preparing food from scratch, or who may have got caught in a cycle of buying pre-prepared foods. This book is aimed at trying to help people to get the most out of their food budget - nutritionally as well as financially. 

I hope eventually that the people reading the book will be putting their favourite recipes in here. The truth is as long as you have hope, once you’ve walked this way for a while you will develop the habit of using what you have in your hand, what you have in your pockets and what you have in your cupboards to get you through the day and through the week and through the months until you are debt free and self-sufficient. Plus CAP will walk with you every step of the way if that is what you need.

Money worries can be a complete nightmare. Use this book and your time and energy to enjoy the life you have been given. I hope this helps you with a step on this amazing journey.

Download my cookbook here.

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