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calendar30 April 2015

Author: Kate Martin

Getting ahead with summer savings

Getting ahead with summer savings

It might feel like a distant dream, but summer will soon be upon us (I promise). Whether you are looking to get away, thinking about how to entertain the kids, or just wanting to make the most of getting out and about in the British ‘sunshine’, there are ways you can be smart with your money.

Planning ahead - If you know what you want to do, starting to think about it now will help you save cash. First create a budget of what you can afford; then make a list of everything you would like to do; and finally some rough estimates for cost.

If you find yourself wildly off budget, then be realistic about what you could cut out. Do you need to go abroad this year, or could you try camping instead? How about planning some fun activities at home?

Shop around - If you are headed abroad, have a look at price comparison sites for the best deals on flights. For example, allows you to compare the prices of different airlines across a whole month if you’re flexible, and across a whole country if you’re not picky about where to go.

It’s worth noting that budget airlines are cheaper when you book two or three months in advance, but package holidays are cheaper when booked last minute. And according to Which? Research, apparently it’s 35% cheaper to fly on a Tuesday than a Friday and 45% more expensive to come back on a Sunday!

Remember to book your airport parking in advance to get the best deal and try for the best currency exchange rates. If a holiday abroad is not on your agenda, why not see what this fair and bonny land has to offer? is a great website for ideas that include all the best of British culture, countryside, heritage, food and entertainment to suit your budget.

Save now and pay less - But why bother saving now when you can pay later? With so much credit readily available, it may seem like a quick fix to your financial situation, but a lot of us end up spending far more than we needed to.

For example, a £900 holiday paid back on credit over a year could end up costing you £1,057. That’s £150 you could have put towards your next trip. Saving is effectively like paying back each month what you borrowed – before you borrow it.

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