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calendar13 June 2019

Author: Joseph Allison

Great ways to help your community this summer

Great ways to help your community this summer

In the summer months when the sun is out and the weather is warm, it can be easy to go a little crazy. With hot summer days so few and far between, when they do come around it’s no surprise that us Brits are famous for making the most of it! Whether we’re rushing straight to the supermarket for anything and everything that could possibly go on a barbecue, or digging out those shorts and topping up that tan, each of us has a favourite summer pastime or two.

This year, though, while you’re busy planning days out and activities to do (and racking your brains for something to entertain the kids with each day), why not think about how your family could help those around you? After all, the vulnerable members of your community are vulnerable all year round. So, what is there to get involved with?

Right up your street

Perhaps one of the simplest ideas is right on your doorstep. Which of your neighbours might appreciate a helping hand this summer? Maybe they would love some help with the gardening or around the house. Why not pop over for a cup of tea and a chat, or invite them to yours? You could really bless someone just by keeping your eyes open and looking out for ways to show them you care.

Hidden treasures

Just a quick glance around your local supermarket will make it clear that big brands know how to make big money out of British summertime. However, there are plenty of independent restaurants and small businesses that make a real effort during the summer months. Why not try out that new community café that opened recently? Supporting local businesses helps boost the local economy, and you might even find a new favourite place - winner!

Jump on board

Don’t forget you can also get involved with whatever your local churches, community groups and charities are already up to this summer. Many churches run community fun days for families or holiday clubs for kids – why not uncover your inner artist by brushing up on your face-painting skills, or rediscover your love for bouncy castles and team sports?

There are also so many great initiatives like food banks and soup kitchens that always appreciate an extra pair of hands. What a great way to introduce your kids to helping others, too. Or for the adults, groups like Street Angels or Street Pastors find themselves a lot busier as the evenings get lighter. Why not get involved with your local team, serving your community from right in the heart of it?

Join us here at CAP

You could even volunteer here at CAP. Whether you fancy trying something new, putting your existing skills to good use, or even raising some money, we’d love to have you join us in transforming lives all across the UK! However you decide to help your community this summer, whether it’s big or small, whether you go it alone or involve the whole family – make sure you have fun! If we all do something, together we can make a huge difference.

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