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calendar17 October 2018

Author: Maisie Pollard

Maisie’s top heat saving hacks

Maisie’s top heat saving hacks

The long, summer days now feel like a distant memory as temperatures begin to drop and winter approaches. Saving money can be tough; Christmas is only a few months away and heating bills can soar, making the season feel all the more expensive. Here are some tips to help you save cash and to put your mind at ease.

  • The Energy Saving Trust says there’s a misconception that it’s cheaper to leave the heating on all day. To save money, it’s better to just turn it on when you need. If you can, turn off the radiators in the rooms you’re not using to save energy. However, the price comparison service uSwitch recommends that if you have gas central heating, one room that you shouldn’t turn off is the radiator where the thermostat is fitted. This is because it can interfere with the temperature regulation of the central heating.
  • There are several free ways you can maximise the temperature in your house. One handy tip is to rearrange your furniture in your living or dining room. If you move your sofa or furniture away from the radiators, you’ll be avoiding unnecessary heating and the room will warm up faster.
  • You can also leave the bathroom door open as you run a bath or shower. This should allow the steam to move through to other rooms and heat them up too. Another hack is to leave the oven door open after you’ve used it. Even though you’ll have turned it off, it’ll help to heat up the kitchen too.
  • One really easy change that you can make is turning off appliances at the wall after you’ve used them. It might never have crossed your mind before, but it could save you around £80 a year on energy costs!
  • Draught proofing your home will come in handy over the winter months as it’ll reduce the amount of heat lost. Did you know that your home can lose up to 10% of its heat through the windows? Here’s a nifty alternative to double glazing: use a sheet of clear plastic film and stretch it over the window. This will help to reduce any wasted energy and will be much cheaper to fit.
  • You could even make your own draught excluders for your doors. Why not get a pillowcase and fill it with socks or dried rice? Tie it together and place it by your door. You could also try using letterbox and keyhole covers.

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