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calendar16 May 2013

Author: Matt Barlow

Inspirational Generosity

I've worked at CAP now for 14 years and God has taught me loads of lessons about faith but He's also taught me about the importance of generosity.

I've discovered that when I am generous, or when we as an organisation are generous we model something of God. As we live out our calling to bring God's flavour to this world, one of the ways we can do that is through our generosity. When I'm generous with my praise to a staff member, they experience something of God. When the fruit baskets arrive in our head office, they experience God's generosity. When our clients have no food in and we buy them some chocolate biscuits, or even a real fresh chicken as well as the basic essentials, they experience something of God. 

But you know it's a challenge making decisions like these when running a charity, we have to be careful how we spend our money, as most of it is given by people, who themselves are being generous to help us help the poor. Constantly we have to ask ourselves "What is the right level of generosity to this staff member/ client family etc in light of the fact this money has been given?" I'm confident however that our supporters believe in generosity, they believe that we are called to not only do the minimum in our care of clients, staff and volunteers, but to express God's heart of generosity in all that we do. 

Do we want the world to be a more generous place or less? Well let it start with us.

Matt Barlow is CAP's UK Chief Executive. You can find out more about him and our leadership team in the whos who section of the website

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