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calendar15 April 2019

Author: Andy Boyle

‘It turns out his plan was for that break to be the massive turning point in my life.’

‘It turns out his plan was for that break to be the massive turning point in my life.’

All of a sudden, my heart just started racing and I put my hands up in the air. I felt myself saying these words, asking God for forgiveness.

I’d arrived at the Discovery Break thinking I’d prove them all wrong – God didn’t exist and I was sure of it. It turns out his plan was for that break to be the massive turning point in my life.

I’d been struggling with drugs and alcohol for years and debt had built up amongst the chaos. It was missed payments – Council Tax, card bills, utilities – they were all building up. I’d be trying to pay off one thing then another.

Supporting my family in all this was really hard. It was like being stuck in a black hole. It was horrible getting threatening letters summoning you to court, or saying that you’re going to be evicted, that they can seize property. All these things they said in the letters were really worrying, and whatever I tried never worked. My life was spiralling down.

It was Katie in the end, she said, ‘This relationship needs to end because I can’t deal with you being like this anymore.’ And suddenly I was at risk of losing more than just my home: I was going to lose my family. That was the moment I knew it had to change so I called CAP and they booked me in.

It wasn’t until our CAP Centre Manager, Duncan, came round with a big massive smile, and said ‘I’m here to help’, that I believed they would. That took away lots of stress.

At the start, I was often on the phone with the head office team, and my confidence built. You get your budget and repayment plan and everything is explained. That was when it sank in that this is doable. That’s when I knew things would get better.

We were invited on a Discovery Break in July 2016. I went with the thought in my head that I was going to prove these guys wrong – God didn’t exist. I thought it was just a free holiday – we hadn’t even contemplated going away before.

When we got to the break, I was struck by how nice everyone was. Nobody was judging me. That softened me into talking to people.

The next day, Rod (CAP staff member) shared his story. Every single thing he said about the drugs and the night life and all that he’d been through mentally and physically hit home with me – before meeting Katie, I’d been in a similar situation. Everything that he was saying – I actually thought he was talking about me rather than himself.

I just broke down in tears and after I’d said that prayer inviting God to be part of my life, I felt so much better.

I felt this wave of release that things were going to be better and it would be easier. Katie said I looked different – my eyes were bright! So bright!

The next few years have been an absolute whirlwind – God has put things in place for us as a family. So many people had been praying for me for years.

In February 2017, Katie and I were married. There were over 300 people there to watch. It was so blessed. We couldn’t have done it without our CAP family – they did the catering. From then I was offered an internship as a CAP Debt Coach at the church. I was fully trained in November 2017, and was able to start seeing my first clients. God has really blessed us. So much has happened!

Back in 2016, I would never have thought that I would be part of a church leadership team, working as a CAP Debt Centre Manager and talking about Jesus every day of my life.

Without that break, our family wouldn’t have survived together but, now, we’re such a strong unit, all in church together and growing in our faith.

Every single part has been God shaping us and helping us grow and guiding us. It’s remarkable!

Andy Boyle is a CAP client, dad, husband and Debt Centre Manager who's passionate about sharing the gospel.

This Easter, we need to raise £30,000 to give 200 people a life changing break. Your donation could enable someone to open their heart to God.

When our clients call us for help, their debt problems are often just the tip of the iceberg. Often, they’re battling several other vulnerabilities such as disability, mental illness or past trauma.

These precious people need a place of sanctuary – a chance to get away from the daily grind of the issues they battle constantly. That’s where Discovery Breaks step in.

We take around 800 people awayon a break each year, providing them with the chance to truly relax, enjoy fun activities and attend sessions exploring forgiveness, self worth, anger or worry. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to hear
 the truth of God’s love for them. Like Andy, an average of 13 people make a commitment to Jesus on each break. Your donation today will enable someone else to have this vital opportunity in 2019.

Will you give today and send a family on a life changing Discovery Break?

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