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calendar07 March 2018

Author: Maisie Pollard

‘It’s been a fulfilling few weeks!’

‘It’s been a fulfilling few weeks!’

When I chose to do a work placement, I thought, ‘Where would be a great place for me to gain experience in a friendly environment?’ I’ve always been interested in charity work so my first thought was Christians Against Poverty – and it’s been a fulfilling few weeks!

From the very start I learnt so much about what the charity does, which was so exciting. Over the next few weeks I heard about CAP’s vision to open up poverty-relieving centres all over the UK, in addition to amazing stories of clients whose lives have been turned around with CAP’s help. This inspired me so much that I decided to become a Life Changer, supporting the charity through a monthly financial gift.

Being surrounded by encouraging people who share the same faith as me has been something that I haven’t experienced before in a work environment. When I found out that all the staff at CAP HQ gather first thing on a Monday morning to worship God and praise him for everything he’s done for clients throughout the past week, I was so encouraged. It was amazing to celebrate together what God is doing through CAP week on week and to get a glimpse of what my Life Changer gift is helping to make possible.

My time at CAP has been invaluable in understanding how a national charity operates and I’ve been privileged to work in the Communications team, which links directly to my English Literature degree. I’ve been given hands-on work and written various blogs on student finance advice, budget gifts for Valentine’s Day and ways to pay it forward over Lent. This is something I’ve never had the chance to do prior to this experience and having my writing published on the blog has been a real achievement, especially for an English student like myself. I’m used to writing lots of essays, but my work placement gave me the opportunity to write in a different style for the blog. I can see this experience being really useful in my future career.

I would 100% recommend work experience in a charity setting to anyone, especially students! Giving doesn’t always have to be financial. Instead, giving up some of your time can be just as valued and beneficial. You can gain new skills for your own development while making a real difference to other people’s lives.

I’d like to give a big thank you to CAP for the opportunity you’ve given me and I’ll definitely be celebrating with you when the UK is completely covered in CAP centres!

Feeling inspired to follow in Maisie’s footsteps? Join us at CAP HQ for our summer placement programme, Engage, or why not apply for Lead, our one-year paid internship? We're also in need of volunteers to lend a hand in the CAP cafes at Big Church Day Out and New Wine's United 18 this summer. So whether you’ve got a few days, weeks or months to spare, there’s something for everyone! Click the links to find out more and grab yourself an application form.

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