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calendar12 November 2018

Author: Joseph Allison

It’s time to talk about money

It’s time to talk about money

Money affects almost every part of our lives. It impacts where we live, what we eat, and even has a knock on effect on our relationships. Yet, despite the power money has to pretty much determine how our lives pan out, many of us still feel uncomfortable talking about it, even with the people we love.

There are many reasons people may find it difficult to talk about their finances. It can be an incredibly personal topic for a lot of people. They might worry about being judged for not knowing something or for having money trouble. The reality is that no matter how much we know about money and how much we earn, debt can easily be caused by circumstances that would’ve been impossible to predict or prevent.

Sadly, in the culture we live in, wealth is paired with status and opportunity, whereas money troubles come with shame. This is something we need to change; one in three of our clients have waited more than three years before seeking help with CAP, and they often spend those months feeling more and more isolated, fearful and hopeless. Imagine how different things could have been if those people had found help when they first needed it.

That’s why we’re joining in with Talk Money Week this November. The campaign urges financial charities and organisations to talk with each other about how to make their services even better. It’s also aimed at breaking the stigma attached to our finances, getting people talking about their money in their own life, with their friends and family.

Why not use this week as a chance to open up to someone about your financial struggles? Why not start a conversation about it with your friends and family? It’s often hard to know if someone could do with a little help managing their money, so what better opportunity than this week to simply ask?

We’ve all picked up tools and wisdom along our own journey that would hugely benefit someone else. When we come together we can help each other out. You could also help provide the emotional support that someone desperately needs. Debt can be so isolating; 37% of our clients said that their debts made them afraid to leave the house. Offering a listening ear could make a huge difference.

Don’t forget to let your friends know about CAP. We exist to rescue people from the grip of poverty, across the UK, in partnership with the local Church. Our free debt counselling service exists to help those struggling with debt, no matter their age, background or faith. Thanks to our amazing debt centres across the country, we’re seeing people not just find financial freedom but their whole life transformed by the holistic support of a loving community.

‘I rang up and told them the situation. I felt quite ashamed. The woman on the other end of the phone was absolutely amazing. She didn’t judge me even though I judged myself. She said we can help, it’s okay. I left it in her hands.’ – CAP Debt Help client

As well as providing our life changing debt counselling service that sees thousands of people find hope every year, we also offer the CAP Money Course. This award winning course empowers individuals to take back control of their finances, with a bunch of practical tools such as how to budget, spend and save in a way that allows people to plan for the future.

I hope you’re feeling encouraged to talk to someone about your finances, knowing that as you break the silence you could be extending a lifeline to someone you love.

If you or someone you know needs CAP’s help, give us a call on 0800 328 0006 or click here to start the conversation today.

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