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calendar19 October 2020

Author: Sam Leach

Kick Start: three months on

Kick Start: three months on

It’s been just under three months since we launched Kick Start and we’ve been blown away by the response.

Just a few short months ago, regardless of which corner of the country you looked to, life suddenly looked very different. However, who was there leading the way in local support through an amazing outpouring of time, finance and friendship? You guessed it, the Church!

Inspired and encouraged by the selfless serving from churches across the country, we set out to create Kick Start: a free gift designed to equip you and your church with the tools needed to provide practical support online and meet the rising challenges of unemployment, finance and mental health head on. 

‘Our first session was REALLY good. We spent our time getting to know one another and hearing our struggles. We then asked people what they wanted to get out of the sessions. They all seemed so keen. There was mutual learning and I really think that is key.’ - Claire, Kick Start Facilitator

We’ve now had over 750 people sign up to run Kick Start! That’s over 750 people who, along with their church, are now bringing practical support hand-in-hand with the love of Jesus to their towns, cities and villages, as a part of new or existing ministries.


Kick Start in the coming months

Now, with a strange sense of déjà vu, as I type this from a cobbled together home office on a kitchen table, preparing for further months of fluctuating restrictions, I’m of course concerned about what lies ahead. But I have hope in the knowledge that God has continued, and will continue, to work through his Church. 

‘As each week passed it was lovely to see the attendees opening up and becoming comfortable sharing their own experiences. It's quite special when you see the group listening and learning so much from each other and offering positive advice.’ - Hannah. Kick Start Facilitator

We’re committed to continuing to support churches throughout this pandemic. Our services haven’t stopped, and over the coming months we’ll be continuing to bring new content, guidance and support for churches. We know that the need can still feel overwhelming at times, but we also know that you and your church can have an incredible impact. 

If you know of people in your community, who are struggling with finance, unemployment, or the emotional impact of COVID-19, why not encourage your church leaders to run Kick Start? 

No training is required, no prior knowledge needed, all you need is a heart and desire to help people get back on their feet at this time.

Sign up for free to access all 9 bitesize sessions of empowering content to help people move forward in life.

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