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calendar06 May 2020

Author: Claire Wong

Launching our Church Resources page

Launching our Church Resources page

We’ve been blown away by the UK Church's incredible response to coronavirus (COVID-19). You are showing incredible generosity to the deprived, bringing hope to the desperate and serving the vulnerable with compassion. Many in need are struggling more than ever, but despite the challenges facing us all, the Church is as active and alive as ever.

CAP exists to equip and empower the Church to serve the poorest and most vulnerable in this nation. And at this time of desperate need, we want to share our knowledge and experience to help your church provide crucial support to your community.

CAP’s Church Resources

We’re excited to be launching our Church Resource page. A place where, over the coming days and weeks, we will be adding resources that draw on the experience of hundreds of our partner churches across this nation, as well as CAP's own knowledge and expertise.

It can feel daunting when faced with such a huge need. But we hope these free tools will equip you and your church to effectively serve with confidence and continue to offer the hope of Jesus in your communities during this crisis.

What resources can I expect?

We understand the pressures that church leaders are facing during this time as you seek to guide your congregation through unknown territory, and respond to the need in your local area. So we have gathered resources that we hope provide support to you, your church, and your community. Expect to find:

  • Information on Government and industry support
  • Signposting to organisations providing additional specialist support, for individuals and churches
  • Practical advice on how to serve those in need in your community, starting with our new project: Pathways out of Poverty

We’re committed to supporting you throughout this crisis, and we’ll be working on further content over the next few months. So be sure to check in to the resource page regularly and keep an eye on our social media to be kept up to date with new resources as they’re available.

Thank you for the amazing work you’re doing amongst your congregation and wider community at the moment. God is continuing to use his Church in amazing ways during this time, and we can’t wait to hear of more lives impacted and transformed.

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