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calendar02 November 2016

Author: Joseph Allison

Make your Bonfire Night go with a fizz… one that doesn’t scorch your wallet

Make your Bonfire Night go with a fizz… one that doesn’t scorch your wallet

Have you looked at the cost of fireworks in your local supermarket and visualised your budget going up in flames? You’re not alone.

Attending an organised fireworks display can set you back even more, especially if you’re going as a family. There’s the hot food for sale, rides and light-up toys that never seem quite as interesting just a couple of days later.

But there are ways of marking the occasion with friends and family without seeing your spending rocket. Here’s how!

1. Check your local paper to see if there are any local free events happening. Some sports clubs or churches put them on so it’s definitely work a check.

2. One other way is to pool resources. Rather than putting on a display just your family can see, organise a get together with your friends and wider family where everyone puts in a little bit towards the price of the fireworks, and brings food and drinks to share.

3. Baked potatoes wrapped in tin foil are a budget but warming snack on a cold autumn night. ASDA are selling a 2.5kg bag of baking potatoes (a bag of about seven) for just £1.70*. Any left over can be microwaved for a cheap lunch in the days after.

4. Wanting to mark the occasion but spend pennies not pounds? Dress up warm, find a local hill, take some warm snacks and a packet of sparklers and do some family firework spotting.

5. Need a kids’ activity? There are some great colouring in pages, free to download here.

6. Or make yourself some chocolate sparklers!

Whatever you do, do it safely.

*Price correct at time of publication

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