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calendar01 October 2014

Author: Matt Barlow

My Week Without…

I can still remember the low point! I was in London and met a good friend for dinner. 'Let's go for a curry,' he said! 'Yep, let's do that.' I wasn't quite as enthusiastic. You'd think a curry washed down by a pint of lager with a mate would be a nice treat. But not when it fell slap bang in the middle of my Week Without. I had been sponsored by some generous/cruel friends to do a week without anything nice to drink (mint tea and water all week!), nothing but rice to eat for main meals, and no snacks. 

It was the most horrible sponsored event I have ever done. Every other sponsored event – a 24 hour poolathon, a massive abseil despite my fear of heights, and the gruelling 'Grand Depart' cycle challenge earlier this year – all of them had something good about them – an element of fun; an adrenalin rush. This one just felt rubbish. There was no upside, it was pure sacrifice and I can honestly say I didn't enjoy one moment of it.

But it reminded me that there are real people out there who would love a simple meal, yet can't even afford that. And when life felt rubbish and my choices limited, I reminded myself just how blessed I was the other 51 weeks of the year. It was worth it for those helped through the money I raised, and it was worth it to remind myself that life for so many people is hard, and I simply must stay committed to those people!

We actually had a nice evening at the curry house, as my friend tucked into a chicken jalfrezi and a pint of Cobra I watched on in envy and especially enjoyed it when the waiter asked if I'd like anything with my rice..... my response? 'Yep, go on I'll have an extra portion of rice.' Well, I didn't want to go hungry did I?

Week Without - do it! It will do you good.

I'm going to join in with Week Without!

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