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calendar02 December 2013

Author: Josie Barlow

Not your average day at the office

When Sema and I left Sarah’s house after filming her family for our Christmas Appeal, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. I felt such warmth towards her very cute boys, partly because I have a seven year old son, Jed, and Zac really reminded me of him. I had this overwhelming desire for everything to be ‘fixed’ and for good things to flow towards this family.

The reality is that not only is Sarah confined to a wheelchair, but she also has a terminal illness. She has lost 65% of her lung capacity in just three years and there is little that doctors can do to halt the destruction. She has been told that in the end, she will suffocate. I can’t even begin to imagine being told that news and having to deal with your worst fears of leaving your boys alone in the world.

This made me so grateful that she called CAP and met people from her local church when she did. Before CAP, not only did she have all her health issues to deal with, but she was also bringing up her boys alone after her previous partner went to prison, leaving her in £30,000 of debt; she had all the pressure of debt to deal with as well – the last thing she needed.

Now though, she is free from the constant worry and fear caused by debt. She has met wonderful friends through her church and has become a Christian, which means she now has an eternal hope. Her new partner has become a Christian too and they even got married last year.

So she now has eternal life, a new husband, Mark (who I could just sense was such a good, compassionate man – I’m sure he’ll be a great dad to Zac and Louie), and they have a fresh start ahead of them, free from debt.

But I want more for Sarah. Please will you join me in praying for her health, as we have a God who can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Eph 3:20).

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Josie Barlow is CAP's Communications Director. You can find out more about Josie and our leadership team in the who's who section of the website

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