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calendar23 March 2018

Author: Alex Jones

Opt in to make change happen

Opt in to make change happen

We can’t do this without you.

Change doesn’t happen without people opting to work together, standing up and saying, ‘Yes, I’m in, let’s do this!’ We’re building a movement of people like you, passionate about speaking up for those who have no voice. Your support means that someone becomes debt free through CAP every 45 minutes, every working week!

I take inspiration from incredible people who have done incredible things. At CAP HQ we’ve named many of our meeting rooms after some of them. I regularly have meetings in Wesley, Parks, Pullinger, and Tyndale. As I sit in the Wilberforce room during a difficult meeting, my eyes catch his words written on the wall and I remember what this is all about and the part we all have to play in transforming our world, ‘You may choose to look away but you may never again say you did not know.’

It’s tempting to look at these great figures, to see the change they achieved and feel insignificant in the face of the overwhelming challenge we face. But it’s another hero that offers us a warning about putting incredible women and men on a pedestal and playing down our own agency and ability to make change happen. Nelson Mandela’s personal struggle against apartheid is inspirational. It’s Mandela that reminds us, ‘It is not the kings and generals that make history but the masses of the people.’

The end of apartheid was not achieved by one man. It was the thousands of ordinary South Africans with the support of thousands more around the world that changed history. At CAP we’re only freeing tens of thousands from debt and poverty every year because we have a movement of incredible supporters by our side; supporters who’ve chosen to speak up for the poor and give their time, money and energy to see change happen.

This May, the law is changing so that people have more control over what they receive from organisations, charities included. Although we think it’s great to be given the choice, this new law puts many charities – including CAP – in a very uncertain place. When the law changes, we won’t be able to communicate with our supporters – our invaluable CAP family – in the same way. 32,000 supporters have already chosen to remain connected to everything CAP is doing, and we’re asking you to take ten seconds to do the same.

Your passion is what changes lives. We can only give a voice to the voiceless, bring hope to the hopeless, and do it all through the Church, with you by our side. Ten seconds and four ticks is all it takes to join the thousands of others who’ve already said ‘yes!’ to speaking up for the poor.

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