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calendar12 July 2015

Author: Kathy Freeman

Schools Out Summer Survival Guide

Schools Out Summer Survival Guide

Most kids can’t wait for to it start and most parents can’t wait for it to end. Yes, it’s the school summer holidays – and it’s fast approaching. It’s hard to remember exactly what we did as kids for six whole weeks, so coming up with ideas to fill the time can be difficult. To help you get started, here are CAP’s top tips to keep the kids entertained without breaking the bank account:

Movie club – Most cinemas cost a fortune so get together with some other parents and take it in turns to host a movie night once a week. Save money on snacks by making popcorn from kernels on the hob (see; you can get a 500g bag for just 99p and it’s fun to watch them pop in the pan. Second-hand DVDs are just as good, so have a hunt in the charity shops, or check out CeX where you can not only buy cheap films, but also make some cash selling your old ones.

Build a den – Fun for kids and adults alike, grab some bed sheets, pillows, pegs and whatever ever you can find and get to work on creating your own fort. If the weather is good, create your den in the garden where you can lay down and star gaze, whilst pretending you’re explorers on a great expedition!

Make your own play dough – great for all ages, play dough is really cheap, quick and easy to make at home. Check out this recipe from Netmums:

Junior Bake off – Teach your kids some skills whilst having fun, with your own mini version of the Junior Bake-off. Invite their friends over, set some challenges and then have the parents judge the final creations. For some recipe ideas that won’t cost you the earth, check out BBC Good Food’s cheap baking:

Geocache – If you haven’t heard of this real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game, then check out All you need is GPS on your mobile phone or a GPS device, then using sets of coordinates, the aim is to find containers that have been hidden at various locations. The great thing is that there are Geocaches all over the world, so there’s no limit to where this can be played!

Pot painting – Get crafty with the kids, and spruce up some of your old plant pots at the same time, by painting them with bright new designs. Tester paint pots cost around a pound each from your local DIY shop, so a cheaper alternative idea if you want a few colours. You can then waterproof your pots using a simple seal-like solution made with PVA glue and a little water.

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