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calendar11 April 2017

Author: Gemma Pask

‘Cheep cheep’ ideas to try with the kids over the Easter holidays

‘Cheep cheep’ ideas to try with the kids over the Easter holidays

Every year around Easter time, parents’ minds inevitably turn to days full of restless, chocolate-fuelled children. For some, keeping the kids entertained over the break may come as a concern, especially if money is tight. Here are our suggestions for an Easter break that will keep the kids happy and the parents’ pockets happy too.

  1. Easter egg hunts - always a good way to get the kids out and about and kept entertained! See if there are any going on in your community. If so, what better way to get together with your neighbours, meet new people and explore your local area too?
  2. If you’re not able to make it to these events, why not set up your own hunt for the youngsters? Grab some small chocolate eggs (usually available in pound shops) and hide them around the house or garden. Simply set the kids off to search, sit down and put your feet up with a cuppa. Or, if you fancy making things a bit more challenging, create a ‘treasure map’ or a series of cryptic clues leading to the goodies – be creative! For tips on how to combine an Easter egg hunt with teaching the kids about Jesus, plus other ways to add more spiritual significance to their fun, see Joseph's blog here.
  3. If there’s a river or stream near your house, how about taking the kids down to play some games? Collect lots of twigs and leaves, build some boats and have a race down the water. Or go for a classic game of Pooh Sticks. Fun, free and outdoors – perfect! (Just be careful - obv!)
  4. Here’s an Easter classic: hard boil some eggs for the kids to paint as their favourite characters and celebrities. Grab some orange paint and you’ve got your very own Egg Sheeran! Why not stage the Oscars starring Eggs-Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom-lette Hiddleston? Or set the kids off on an adventure with Dora the Eggs-plorer? Okay, okay, enough of the puns, I'm just getting… eggs-cited… But this really is a cheap and cheerful way to keep the little ones occupied for an afternoon.
  5. What treasures does your hometown have to offer that you’ve never got round to visiting? Often you don’t need to travel for miles to find an interesting day out. Use Money Saving Expert's handy tool here to look up your region and see what free museums and exhibitions are on offer nearby.
  6. Get active, fill some time and support your local leisure centre. Cuts to council funding are sadly having an impact on leisure centres across the country, with many on the verge of closure. Why not make the most of the facilities on your doorstep this Easter? Go for a swim, play some badminton, or see what special events are on. This is stuff you can do alone, in a group or with the family, and it’s usually cheap as chips most importantly!

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