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calendar13 November 2017

Author: Kiri Saunders



This week CAP is joining in the celebration for all that organisations do to increase financial capability across the UK. The week is organised as part of the Financial Capability Strategy for the UK, and its main aim is to get more people talking about money.

What is financial capability?

Financial capability is the combination of skills and knowledge, as well as actions and self-belief, used to make good money management decisions to improve one’s life.

Here at CAP we’re passionate about building financial capability, which is why it has become so integrated into our debt advice service. As people work with us, they’re taught how to stick to a budget and are encouraged to save. What’s more, our other services, such as the CAP Money Course and CAP Life Skills, provide financial education, which builds financial capability.

So now it’s time to #talkmoney.

This year CAP is very much involved in Financial Capability Week. We’ve been able to encourage churches to run a CAP Money Course in the run up to the week, with over 103 courses planned.

CAP’s External Affairs team will be exhibiting at the Financial Capability conference. Here we’ll meet with other organisations in the finance industry, such as financial education providers, debt advisers and charities to share ideas and get people talking about money.

The team is also running a joint workshop with The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) and Relate about emotions and money. This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate all that we do to help build financial capability across all of our services.

What can you do?

Why not let us know about a CAP Money Course you’re running or have attended? Tweet us @CAPuk using the hashtag #talkmoney. We’d love to hear from you!

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