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calendar19 May 2016

Author: Justin Welby

Thank you to CAP Life Changers

Thank you to CAP Life Changers

Money is something that can rule us or serve us. I'm really struggling with writing a book at the moment called 'Dethroning Mammon'. It's about how we make money serve, rather than rule. One of the key things that keeps coming back to me as I'm writing is the way we are able to do that. It's by giving money away that shows it who's master.

And you as Life Changers, you are doing that every month in supporting CAP. They are then reaching out to people you'll never hear of, but through what you do they are finding hope. You are helping people by allowing CAP to get alongside them in the most amazing way, so thank you very much for that.

You are mastering money and you're enabling others not to have to serve its demands, and you do that so simply and so generously. Please keep doing that but thank you for what you are doing.

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