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calendar11 April 2022

Author: Liam Gammalliere

The fundraising journey – shorter than you might think…

The fundraising journey – shorter than you might think…

Fundraising can seem daunting to anyone who hasn’t done it before. We can easily get bogged down in the details of reaching the end goal; the goal we toiled over, constantly asking ourselves whether it’s so high that it’s unachievable or so low that it’s not enough. Before long, we can lose sight of what really matters – the fundraising journey.  

You might’ve considered fundraising, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’ve always thought of it as something out of reach that only other people do. Let’s see what it actually looks like…

Why fundraise?

Fundraising is one of the best ways for supporters of a charity to raise awareness and much needed funds. Think of times you’ve seen someone you know start a fundraising campaign. You might not have even heard of the charity. Well, now you have – and you know a bit more about their work. Maybe the charity they chose was a well known, national organisation. Now, you’re reminded of what they do and why – and you might find that their cause is more important now than it’s ever been. In fact, your fundraising journey takes others on a journey, too.

Fundraising is invaluable to charities. The exposure to new and even existing audiences is something that can’t be measured with money. The tireless work of fundraisers create ripples that continue for miles, far beyond the horizon of what any of us can see.

What do I need?

In a world that can sometimes feel increasingly more detached, fundraising is a great way to connect with those around you. Whether that’s in person (in your local community or work) or virtually (with a shareable social media campaign). It really is for anyone, no matter how shy or outgoing you might be. You don’t have to know a hundred people or have a thousand friends on social media to fundraise – after all, who does? All you need is that reason, that spark that gives you purpose and drives you to make a positive difference.

Introducing Aldo

For Aldo, that was the first COVID-19 lockdown back in 2020. He’d always enjoyed running, but started taking it more seriously as the world around him began to shut its doors and mandatory closures swept across the UK. It gave him time to reflect on the lives and circumstances of others. ‘I got to thinking about how difficult the pandemic was making the lives of so many, and how many people would be losing income or jobs as a result of it,’ he told us. This one thought, this one urge to act, was all that was needed. Inspired by the work and mission of the organisation, he decided to fundraise for CAP. And so, his fundraising journey began…

Where do I start?

Aldo was spurred on by the thought of people being thrown into debt through circumstances beyond their control. Overnight, many would find themselves furloughed or even made redundant. Those who were already struggling could so easily be tipped into financial and emotional oblivion. With some certainty, we can be sure that we all know someone who found the financial burden or the mental strain of lockdowns too much to cope with.

This was Aldo’s first fundraising journey. He started with nothing more than passion and a pair of running shoes. He added his usual running routes together and came to the immense figure of 21 miles, aligning nicely with the year he started fundraising: 2021. We can all agree, 2,021 miles is too far to run…

Aldo started a JustGiving page which he shared on his social media, making it easy for others to see what he was doing and why. It gave him a place to point people towards who would potentially support him throughout his fundraising journey, from training to the final run. Here, people supporting him could easily donate and he could get a clear look at how much he was raising.

Then, one morning at 4:20am, he began. Well before the sun had risen, Aldo had set out on his journey to change the lives of millions living in debt and poverty by doing what he loved: running. 3 hours and 18 minutes later, he had completed his 21 miles – raising a massive £2,150. 

Here are some photos from his fundraising challenge:

Setting off in the dark

A selfie of CAP Supporter Aldo as he begins his run in the dark at 4am. 

Some scenic photos from the journey

A quiet, semi-rural street at sunrise. A canal with canal boats on the left, taken from the dusty footpath to the right. Up ahead is a big, industrial-looking bridge. A beautiful pink, purple and blue sunset. In the middle of a field, with a river to the right, and a stony footbridge can be seen in the distance. 

A tired, but happy, Aldo

A beautiful pink, purple and blue sunset. In the middle of a field, with a river to the right, and a stony footbridge can be seen in the distance.

What can I do?

To many of us, waking up at 4am is unthinkable, let alone running almost the distance of a full marathon at that hour! But therein lies the beauty of fundraising. You can fundraise in whatever way you want. If running isn’t for you, something else is. You can raise money in any way that your imagination desires. Anything can be turned into a fundraising activity, whether it’s playing video games or baking. It’s your fundraising journey, and you have full creative control over how you’d like to use your skills/hobbies to make a difference.

Capturing people’s imagination is a really good way of getting them behind you in whatever pursuit you’ve chosen. Aldo’s goal of running 21 miles to reflect the year is a great example of this – and his similar goal of £2,100 gave his supporters something to really get behind.

What if I don’t raise enough money?

There really is no such thing as not raising enough money. Some people find that setting a fundraising goal helps them. This was the case for Aldo. He told us, ‘​​I found having the goal helpful, and could act as a motivator for people to donate as they could see the impact their donation had in getting towards it.’ 

Knowing there’s a target to achieve helps some people with something to aim for along their fundraising journey. But no matter how ambitious or humble it is, it’s never anything to be sniggered at. At a time when so many people are feeling their finances are stretched, there’s no donation too small to contribute towards helping those suffering the difficulty of debt and poverty.

Simply making others aware of the issue of debt and poverty in the UK is an invaluable feat, and doesn’t always translate into donations. Someone might see your campaign and not have the funds to donate. While you might be disheartened by this, maybe that person really needed to hear about the free services CAP offers to everyone. Maybe seeing your fundraising activity encouraged them to finally reach out to get help and transform their life. You really can’t be sure how far the ripples of your actions go.  

Where do I sign up?

There’s no official process to fundraise for CAP. You have full flexibility on how and when you want to start your fundraising journey. You can find different websites to manage your donations and progress. If you’re taking to social media to extend your reach, many platforms have templates and links that give you sharable content to get the message out of the amazing thing you’ve decided to do. If you want some inspiration, check out some of the links below.

Spread the joy on your birthday

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Join an event near you


We at CAP would like to offer huge thanks and congratulations to Aldo for his accomplishment and fundraising. Our fundraisers are so important to us, and we can’t wait to hear about your journey. It’s a journey that we’re certain you’ll find as fulfilling to you as it is transformative to those most in need.

Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with your fundraising campaigns so we can cheer you on and equip you on your fundraising journey, and so you can inspire others that they too can make a difference.

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