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calendar19 August 2015

Author: Colin Campbell

The hard road out of debt

The hard road out of debt

CAP’s heart for helping people out of life’s isolating struggles is something I thank God for bringing into the world because I understand how devastating debt can be...

I graduated in 2001 and entered into freelance work and the irregular income that entails. I was struggling to make ends meet. The head-in-the-sand survival mode was in full swing – just ignoring things and hoping for a change to come.

I had become more and more depressed under these pressures and, although I was a Christian, my joy began to be suffocated by the fear and isolation of my situation. I slipped into a deep depression, slackened off in church attendance and pretty much stopped socialising with friends. Shame and fear had me paralysed. Suicide was a serious consideration on many occasions.

My shame about making a mess of my life made me feel unworthy of anyone’s help, even God’s! Gradually I realised that if I didn’t want my future to look this way forever I would have to change something.

In 2007, I finally found the courage to look at my finances and was shocked to discover they now totaled £45,000! I remember thinking it was "suicide levels of debt", but I also felt God saying that, if I would face this seemingly impossible mountain, I wouldn’t be doing it alone – he would help me every step. I ditched my pride, faced my situation honestly and spoke out to get help from people.

Today I am, amazingly, almost finished on my journey to debt freedom: 2016 will see me debt free! It’s been a hard journey, one that I know would have been quicker and easier if there’d been a CAP Debt Centre in my area. That’s why I am so keen to support them in their work to reach more people across the UK who need help.

If you are struggling with money, addiction or job issues don’t struggle alone like I did – contacting CAP will provide help you never thought possible. I know if I could get out of the hole I was in then anyone can. Have faith that it can change for you too. Call 0800 328 0006 or find out more here.

Colin is volunteering with CAP on the Engage programme; a one month placement at Head Office with the opportunity to represent CAP at a Christian conference. If you are interested in finding out more about Engage click here.

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