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calendar14 January 2020

Author: Joseph Allison

Toucan talk about money

Toucan talk about money

It can be easy to forget to worry about the future when you find the person you want to be with for the rest of your life!

The harsh reality is: money troubles can put a huge strain on a long-term relationship. A recent YouGov survey found that money worries were the top pressure on relationships, with more than a quarter of people saying that financial concerns caused a strain on their relationships.

The pressure can increase when partners have contrasting relationships to money. Some studies even suggested that money problems are the number one cause of divorce so it clearly pays to invest in good conversations on this topic... but where to start?

Christians Against Poverty has teamed up with Family Life UK at the charity Agape to help couples learn how to work together and communicate well over their finances. Toucan Together is a free app to provide a unique online series of videos and activities, which help couples to intentionally strengthen their relationships. You can take part in it any time of the day, right from your phone or computer, so it can easily fit in with your busy lifestyle and we think it's ideal for anyone preparing for getting married.

The app’s modules cover conflict, communication, loving and growing. For the development of the new money module, they came to us for help.

'Talking freely about finances is one of the biggest challenges couples can face, so we've been delighted to work with Family Life on this new money module for the Toucan app,' says Paula Stringer, CAP's UK Chief Executive. 'The CAP Money Course referenced in the module has helped tens of thousands of people to budget. Our hope is that it will give people the best excuse for talking about their financial priorities rather than leaving it until a crisis point.’

So, whether your relationship is struggling right now, or you want to make a strong relationship stronger, take a look at

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