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calendar22 June 2017

Author: Marianne Clough

Warmth isn’t just for the wealthy – why we love the summer

Warmth isn’t just for the wealthy – why we love the summer

Daily life on a budget, as many of our debt clients experience, is productive but super tough. So, when that rare thing happens in Britain and the sun comes out, all of us at CAP are glad because it does bring some relief. Here are my nine favourite things about summer that we can all enjoy, regardless of income.

  • Playing out and sitting out means the house can feel twice the size. If you have children, getting them out playing in the garden or on the street means you get a little more space indoors, and maybe even a bit of peace (occasionally!)
  • Scientists say warmth causes our brains to release serotonin, making us all nice and relaxed, so even if you’re feeling tense about something, lapping up the heat can help you breathe deeply, rest well and get some perspective. If the stuffy nights are stressing you out, snoozing in the garden could make up for any disturbed sleep.
  • Community events – be they a church barbecue or a free local festival – can provide somewhere colourful and fun to go without having to empty your piggy bank (as long as you’re careful, of course)
  • You can grab a cuppa, sit on your front step and chat to the neighbours over the fence. You can feel like you’ve got company without feeling like you’re imposing yourself.
  • In winter, you’re forced to wear multiple layers and inevitably it all needs washing. In summer, it’s all about the flip flops and shorts. Less clothing equals less washing!
  • Bigger washing projects like bedding, curtains and sofa covers can all go out on the line – no need for tumble driers and the extra energy cost that goes with them!
  • Apart from the washing machine thumping away occasionally, you’re largely living energy free. Salads and cold foods require no cooking, of course, and you don’t need to stay in watching TV with the lights on when you can be outside with a healthy plateful soaking up the warm evening.
  • Things are growing fast now in the warm weather. If you’ve planted a few veggies or fruits they’re likely near to bearing fruit, which ultimately means cheap eats for you! There’s still time to plant from seed as well – radishes and salad leaves have plenty of time to grow while it’s warm.
  • You can pretend you’re on holiday without having to venture very far at all. Throw on something you once wore on the beach, get your picnic towel or deck chair and lie back with a book (just don’t forget the sun cream!) Pour yourself something cool and you can feel like you’re living it up when you’re no further than your back yard. Bliss!

What do you love about summer? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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