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calendar06 August 2020

Author: Claire Wong

Week of Fun: 7 things to do with the kids this summer

Week of Fun: 7 things to do with the kids this summer

It’s the summer holidays, but not quite as we’ve known them before. With most of the usual summer clubs cancelled, and overseas vacations off the cards for many of us, it’s a bit more of a challenge than previous years to plan in fun activities for the family.

I have an adventurous two year old, so I want to make sure we enjoy some sunny days outside this summer, and I definitely want to plan some rainy day activities to keep us entertained at home.

So, here are my seven ideas for a week of fun with your kids!

(Note: these activities are all designed to be possible around current lockdown restrictions. However, please refer to the government guidelines in your own area and adapt the activities to make sure they are safe for your family!)


Junk modelling! Gather up your old boxes and bottles, the stuff you’d normally chuck in the recycling or bin, and see what you can build by putting them together with sellotape or glue. Will you make a robot, a boat, or a house? If your kids are old enough to use sellotape and scissors by themselves, make it into a competition to see who can build the tallest box tower in the shortest amount of time.


Olympic Games! In place of the official games, run your own sports event at home or in your garden. My suggestions for events are:

  • Cushion-throw. Who can throw a cushion the furthest?
  • Bottle bowling. Line up some empty plastic bottles and try to knock them down like skittles.
  • Long jump. Probably doesn’t need explaining!


Discover your nearest nature reserve. Bored of the same old walk? RSPB reserves and others are re-opening. Find your nearest one here so you can get outdoors somewhere a bit different, and maybe spot some rare wildlife along the way!


Have a music festival at home! Lots of summer music festivals are available to watch online this year. Make it authentic by putting on wellies and face paint, then sing along to your favourite songs.


Give back. It’s great to encourage our kids to help others and support the community. Could you go on a family litter pick? Or do a sponsored event to raise money for charity?


Make your own pizzas. I’ll admit, I was definitely intimidated by the thought of this one. But it turns out it’s surprisingly easy! I used this recipe which only takes 20 mins (in theory: we all know cooking takes much longer with kids involved, right?). The best part is, your kids can pick their own toppings, meaning they’re far more likely to eat the finished product!


Have a picnic. Eating in the sunshine is a summer classic, of course, but why not make it more exciting this year? Make it fancy dress, or a teddy bears’ picnic, get the kids to decorate their own paper plates while you pack up the food, or plan a simple scavenger hunt of things they have to find on the way to the picnic spot.

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