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calendar02 June 2015

Author: Cate Reynolds

What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes!

I started the Reach internship at CAP last September and I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had!

Reach equips Christians with skills to become better leaders in the workplace. The most valuable lesson I’ve taken from the Reach programme is identifying my abilities and strengths and growing in confidence with them. I have loved how much responsibility I’ve been given in my job in the CAP Money team and during our Reach training days – I’ve surprised myself with how well I’ve handled the projects I’ve been trusted with! I‘ve got to know clients on Discovery Breaks, attended fundraising dinners and helped out at other CAP events.

Being a CAP Money Coach inspired me to apply for Reach because I wanted to do more to serve and love the poor in the UK. It was the CAP Debt Centre Manager who suggested I apply whilst we were running a course together – do you know people in your church who would benefit from Reach?

CAP places huge value on investing in individuals. Weekly meetings with my manager and putting my Reach training into practice in my day-to-day job have enabled me to not just hear about but also see the impact of good leadership.

Reach has also taught me a lot about relationship building. The Reach programme currently has 19 interns, all from different backgrounds and with different strengths and opinions. I have definitely made friends for life!

Reach has been invaluable to my career, yet also vital to my personal growth. Not only have I seen my confidence develop, but my relationship with God and the strength of my faith have grown so much. Working amongst such a fantastic group of Christians has taught me a lot about love, grace and faith – which are things I never thought I’d find in a workplace. I have been so privileged to work in such a unique environment where God is at the centre of everything. These principles and experiences are something that will stay with me as I finish the Reach programme and prepare to take the next step.

Would you, or someone you know, benefit from this incredible year of high impact growth? The Reach intern programme is such a valuable investment – don’t miss out!

Find out more and download an application pack for our September 2015 intake.

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