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calendar24 March 2017

Author: Gemma Pask

Which biscuit sums up your spending habits?

Which biscuit sums up your spending habits?

1. You’re in the supermarket and come across a deal offering two tubs of margarine for the price of one. What do you do?

A) Think ‘Bargain!’ and get four tubs for the price of two, even though you already have a couple unopened at home.

B) Pace up and down the aisle for a while, pick up the tub, put it down, pick it up again, put it down again, leave the shop. Dry toast isn’t that bad, is it?

C) Ignore the deal and go for a more expensive brand on the shelf above. After all, the advert said this margarine makes you instantaneously better at your job and three inches taller - wow!

D) Margarine? Who needs that? You’re in the clothes aisle looking at multi-coloured bandanas.

E) Only go for the offer if you’re sure you can fit the second tub in the freezer.

F) Get one for you and the other for your elderly neighbour.

G) Leave it – you know there’s a much better offer on margarine in the supermarket up the road.

H) You can’t afford fancy margarine. Supermarket own brand lard it is.

I) Buy several dozen tubs – Christmas is around the corner and there are cakes to be baked!

2. Your car breaks down and the mechanic tells you it’s not going to be cheap to get it fixed. What’s your first thought?

A) ‘Didn’t I see a garage down the road offering half price repairs?’


C) ‘Looks like a new car is in order then.’

D) ‘How on earth will I afford it? I just spent £300 on a set of plates!’

E) ‘No problem, I should have enough in my savings account to cover the cost.’

F) ‘Oh no, I promised I’d give my mum a lift to the nail salon later – perhaps if I offer to pay more they’ll fix it sooner?’

G) ‘Rip off!’

H) ‘Looks like I’m walking to work for the foreseeable future then.’

I) ‘That’s a shame, I was saving up for Christmas presents. Wait, what did that advert say about payday loans?’

3. It’s 100 days to Christmas and you’re about to start shopping for presents. How do you prepare?

A) Dig out the coupons and loyalty vouchers you’ve been accumulating through the year – time to bag some bargains!

B) Have a small meltdown before calling all your friends to tell them Christmas is cancelled.

C) Suggest a £5 Secret Santa to your colleagues, and start pricing up a Rolex watch for your granddad.

D) Hit the shops and fill your baskets with anything you can get your hands on – Martha from HR totally wants a wobble-head for her car, right?

E) Have a quick check over your budget, then head to the cash machine to withdraw the amount you’re allowed to spend on presents.

F) Buy several dozen tins of chocolates – one for everyone you know, plus a few extras just in case you meet anyone new before December.

G) Write out a gift list for each person, get online and compare prices.

H) Panic. Just panic.

I) Call your bank to increase your credit card limit.

4. You’re about to check your savings account – do you know how much is in there without looking?

A) Not exactly, but there should be a little bit left after you got a great deal on your package holiday.

B) Yes, but you haven’t withdrawn from that account in several years.

C) Yes, you’re saving up for something special.

D) Sort of, you regularly dip into your savings for your morning coffee and bagel.

E) Yes, you have a monthly standing order and only withdraw money when it’s absolutely necessary.

F) No, but you know how much is in your brother’s account – you lent him it just yesterday.

G) Yes, you’re always moving your money between banks to make sure you’re getting the best rates.

H) No, and you daren’t look.

I) Depends what month it is.

5. A group of friends suggests going on holiday together over summer. Where do you suggest to go?

A) Any place that’s included on the voucher you got in a pack of yoghurts last week.

B) You have ideas but panic about the cost and decide to stay at home instead.

C) A stunning resort in the south of France – it’s a once in a lifetime chance!

D) Greece. Great nightlife and street stalls.

E) A city break in New York. You’ve been saving up in case they asked.

F) Let them decide amongst themselves and even offer to pay for a friend who’s on a low income.

G) Tell them to hold off booking anywhere until you’ve compared flight prices.

H) You know you can’t afford to go anywhere on holiday this year, but you nod along to their ideas anyway and start thinking up an excuse to get out of it.

I) London, early December. Just think of all the Christmas presents you could buy!

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